San Diego's Link to Global Financial Empowerment

Connecting San Diego to the World with Financial Ease

San Diego’s Answer to Worldwide Money Movement: Simple, Swift, Secure.

Financial Innovation Starts in San Diego

San Diego’s vibrant community now has the world at its fingertips, thanks to Ramad Pay’s diverse financial services. Catering to both individuals and businesses, we offer solutions that transform the way you engage with the global economy. Our services range from seamless P2P remittances, enabling personal connections across borders, to sophisticated B2B digital payment platforms designed for San Diego’s dynamic business environment. NGOs in San Diego benefit from our efficient financial tools, ensuring their efforts have a broader impact. With our Customized Ramad Pay App, experience the future of banking today, combining security with convenience. Ramad Pay is dedicated to making San Diego a hub of financial innovation and connectivity.

*Converter uses mid-market sell rate settlement. Information only. Sending money won’t get this rate. Please check our mobile app for an updated rate.

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