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Our Team

Sh Nur Hadi

Sh. Nur Hadi


Sh. Nur Hadi

A visionary leader committed to social responsibility, Mr. Sheikh Nur Hadi leverages entrepreneurial leadership to create economic opportunities and empower immigrant communities. As founder of the respected remittance firm Ramad Pay Inc. and a chain of culturally-relevant businesses, he provides critical services while generating jobs with integrity.

Despite tremendous professional success, Mr. Hadi remains dedicated to community service. Known for his ethics, generosity, and compassion, he helps many pursue their dreams through his wisdom and support. Mr. Hadi builds trust and loyalty by living his values of care and inclusion. With bold yet ethical vision, he grows his businesses sustainably, never compromising his devotion to helping others.

Guided by his moral compass, Mr. Hadi inspires those around him. He is a pillar of Minnesota's immigrant communities and a role model for socially responsible business leadership who exemplifies doing well and doing good.

Hussein Hashi

Board Treasurer

Hussein Hashi

Mr. Hussein Hashi is a Certified Public Accountant holding an MBA with substantial experience in finance and management. He started his career as a junior auditor at Accounting Associates, rapidly rising to senior auditor. Seeking to expand his skills, Mr. Hashi founded the consulting firm Hashi Financial Management, which advised small businesses across Minnesota and abroad. This work allowed him to develop diverse financial expertise.

Since 2021, Mr. Hashi has been instrumental in rebuilding and steering Ramad Pay's new vision and team, helping restructure the company into its current state. After many years of exemplary performance as a financial expert, Mr. Hashi joined in 2023 to Ramad Pay's Board of Directors and named as the Board Treasurer. As Treasurer, he now leverages his financial acumen and management talents to advance the company's strategic goals. Throughout his career from auditor to consultant to CFO and now Board Member, Mr. Hashi has demonstrated impressive financial leadership and expertise.
Aden Hassan

Aden Hassan


Aden Hassan

Mr. Aden Hassan brings over 15 years of financial services experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Ramad Pay Inc. His extensive background in regulatory compliance and risk management guides the company's growth.

Early in his career, Mr. Hassan developed specialized expertise in anti-money laundering policies, later obtaining the distinguished Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designation. He has vast experience undergoing multi-state examinations and interacting with regulators as a licensed money services business.

At Ramad Pay, Mr. Hassan oversees regulatory obligations and successfully steers the company through state examinations, cementing its reputation for compliance. In addition to his regulatory expertise, he provides guidance and mentorship to both technical and non-technical staff. Widely respected for his strategic vision, Mr. Hassan has led Ramad Pay into its next growth phase. Under his leadership, the company aims to reach 100 million global users by 2025 through continued expansion.

Ali Mohammed

Board Secretary/CTO

Ali Mohammed

Ali Mohammed is an exemplary fintech entrepreneur, CTO and leader in digital remittance platforms. His extensive experience of 15 years combined with his educational background in Computer Science and MBA makes him a knowledgeable figure within the industry.

He has been successful at integrating mobile money ecosystems such as M-Pesa with global banking networks, allowing for secure cross-border money transfers to occur faster than ever before. Under Ali's technical guidance, his companies have developed products that use blockchain technology, AI and advanced analytics to reduce cost barriers associated with sending money home for migrants or families abroad.

Furthermore, he was able to navigate complex regulations, enabling millions of underbanked households access remittance services through their wallet startup which eventually generated over $200 million annually prior to being acquired by a major commercial bank based in East Africa - all this without raising any outside funds!
Nur Abdifatah

Nur Abdukadir Sh. Ahmed

Board Member

Nur Abdukadir Sh. Ahmed

As a board member of Ramad Pay Inc., Mr. Nur Abdulkadir Sh. Ahmed, holder of a Master of Science in Chemistry with Honors brings an entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen, and commitment to delivering excellent customer experiences. Daily, he focuses on developing powerful branding, consistent messaging, and value-driven products to give Ramad Pay a leading voice in the industry. Mr. Ahmed is dedicated to driving scalable growth for the business through his expertise in leadership, strategic planning, and data-driven decision-making.

In addition to his role at Ramad Pay, Mr. Ahmed is the founder and operator of one of the top ethnic restaurants in Minnesota, demonstrating his skills as a successful entrepreneur and his ability to build customer-focused businesses. With his background in chemistry and science, Mr. Ahmed takes an analytical approach to evaluating business opportunities and solutions. He is an asset to the Ramad Pay board through his blend of education, leadership, entrepreneurial experience, and tireless work ethic.

Overall, Mr. Ahmed brings invaluable expertise and insight to the table as both an entrepreneur and an educated professional.

Faysal Warfa

Founder/ Board Member

Faysal Warfa

As a board member of Ramad Pay Inc, formerly Kaah Express F.S., Mr. Faysal Warfa brings over two decades of leadership. Since founding the company in 2001 after struggling to send money abroad, he has guided the organization to simplify cross-border payments. His strong conviction and business acumen have led RamadPay from inception to success.

Mr. Warfa is an integral part of the board at Ramad Pay Inc., having been with the company since its inception over 20 years ago. He has a strong background in team building and trustworthiness that enables him to foster an environment where others can lead RamadPay into the future while upholding his founding vision for accessible international money transfers. His leadership style allows for collaboration between teams, creating a culture of trust and respect, which helps to further progress accessibility initiatives across all areas of business operations.

Mr. Warfa's expertise in forming trusting relationships makes him invaluable as he continues to guide RamadPay toward success through his vision and long-term commitment towards making sending money globally simpler than ever before.
Ali Jirde

Ali Jirde

Chief Operations Manager

Ali Jirde

Meet Mr. Ali Jirde, Ramad Pay Inc.'s remittance wizard, formerly Kaah Express F.S. Inc. With over a decade in the game, Ali is your go-to guy for making things happen.

From the skyscrapers of the UAE to the bustling markets of East Africa, he's seen it all. Now based in the U.S. for the past 10 years, Ali is the lynchpin that holds our operations together.

Why? Because he's a master at juggling relationships—with agents, partners, banks, and regulators. Trust him to navigate the complex maze of international finance like a pro. Ali's rock-solid trustworthiness and deep industry insights ensure Ramad Pay's operations run like a well-oiled machine, both stateside and globally.

Bottom line: If you want smooth sailing in the remittance world, Ali Jirde is your captain.
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